Target clients:
Musculoskeletal injury: Ligament sprain, post fracture rehabilitation, muscle strain
Golfers: Neck and back pain, shoulder tendinitis, golfers elbow, tennis elbow
Runners: Shin splints, ITB Frictional Syndrome, stress fracture
Ball game players: pre and post-operative training for anterior cruciate ligament injury, meniscus injury, Achilles tendon rupture
Dancers: Knee pain, unleveled pelvis, bunion (hallux valgus)
Occupational Overuse Syndrome: neck and back pain, wrist pain, trigger finger, plantar fasciitis.
Pediatrics: Scoliosis, flat feet
Elderly: Osteoarthritis, fall prevention, bone mineral density enhancement training, stroke rehabilitation, domiciliary physiotherapy service
Ultrasound image navigated Shockwave Therapy for Chronic Pain over tight / calcified / Muscle / Tendon /Ligament /Cartilage Ultrasound Therapy & Interferential Therapy for Pain Modification Sequential Compression Therapy for Swelling Control Electromagnetic Therapy for Enhancing Tissue Healing Intermittent Cervical/Lumber Traction for Better Spinal Alignment Treatment of Neck, Back & Pelvic Mal-alignment Pain
Step Visual Feedback Treadmill Gait Training Cardiovascular Ergometer Training Performance Enhancement Training for Golfers/Dancers/
Basketball players
Core Muscle Strengthening Programs for Injury Prevention & Stabilization High Frequency Vibration Platform for Muscle Strengthening & Increasing Bone Density Sports Specific Functional Training to Pre&Post Surgical Repair to ACL, Meniscus & TendoAchilles)

Stretching & Soft Tissue
Tightness Release
Monitored Balance &
Coordination Training
Domicilly PhysiotherapyHigh Freauency deep massage therapy
– High speed perassion modalities
– Muscle spasms/trigger point relene